How can you get free games on Thelabby?

Hello, I am the admin of Thelabby. Welcome to the community!

As you can see, receiving free games will be a monthly gift. My team and I love to give away games to Thelabby members because we simply want to create a quality gaming community.

However, at the present time, because there are too few members participating, we do not have enough money to do a monthly reward event. My teammates and I are still trying every day to develop Thelabby to make it the #1 gaming community in the world.

I COMMIT that I will carry out the event when our community reaches 100,000 members :cool:...Right now, you can participate and not miss Thelabby's "Monthly Reward" event by following these steps:

Step 1: Use your browser to bookmark "thelabby". This will help you never miss the hottest dramas of the gaming industry :))) Of course, our "Monthly Reward" event too


Step 2: Share knowledge, experience and hot news about gaming on appropriate topics of Thelabby. When your articles get a lot of attention, you will be among the "Top active users"


Step 3: If you see your name appear on "Top active users", please message admin or mod staff so we can give you a FREE GAME

P/s: Currently, I have turned off the "Top active users" feature because the number of members is still too small. As soon as there are enough members, I will re-enable the above feature. Good luck to you! ;););)

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